Wll Wtt, President of Anti-Vowels Except When They Are the First Letter in a Word, a Single Letter Word, or Part of a Two Letter Word Institute,* Recovers!


A few days ago, Wll Wtt, advocate of *AVEWTATFLIAWASLWOPOATLW, was rushed to a local hospital where his symptoms of Repeating Vowels Until It Makes Your Friends Want to Muffle You (RVUIMYFWTMY) Illness were diagnosed.  Earlier this morning, Wll Wtt made a statement regarding his recovery.


Wll Wtt’s Parents Responding to Wll’s First Sentence, Spoken at Age Two:
Athol native searched far and wide for a cure for RVUIMYFWTMY Illness affecting his beloved wife.


A Space Alien has been sighted spying on Atholians:
Space Alien Language Expert:

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