Arrow Lands in Downtown Athol and Other Breaking News!

Atholians are on the watch for Warrior Woman who disappeared after the Bubble Popping Crisis ended.  Last seen she said:

House of Slightly Difficult Relatives Manager spoke of Warrior Woman:

Warrior Women’s Husband, another resident of House of Slightly Difficult Relatives:


Klein Hime, Inventor of a dehydration formula to shrink humans and animals in the interest of saving space on Planet Earth, recently returned to Athol.  Here, he explains why he left Athol and his wife for two years:

Photo taken at Miniaturizing the World Conference

Backhoe Driver Mishap in Residential Area:Elsie What-When, founder of Elsie What-When’s Emotions Clinic, announced she has recovered from her two year grief period after losing Summer Sr. to a death by sautéing.  In an interview she explained her new outlook on life:

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