Golf Ball Quandary – Part Three, Its Influence on the Black Hole

Emotionally Unstable Golf Ball Credited with Reviving Business at The Black Hole!  Today, the following entertainment and businesses will be available:

The Arts: Passion Ata, President of Athol Drama Society, speaks of plays opening at the Event Horizon:

Sports: Wrestling will be demonstrated:


Apparel: Melody Agogo, married five times, each marriage ending with a dead spouse, and owner of Clothes That Hug You, will offer clothing suitable for traveling: 

Word to the wise:  To enjoy yourself thoroughly, be prepared for the occasion:

In Other Breaking New: Lead Reporter speaks of golf balls arriving in Athol from Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. to Athol! 

Athol Sheep Educationalist and Golf Ball Destresser:

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