The Overly Long and Potentially Boring Story of T. Rump – Part Ten

Summary – Part Eight:   We learned about the 1953 Haul-It-With-Floss Competition held in Would You Believe It, CA.  Tampering with dental floss caused injuries to two participants, a rappeller and a water skier.  Snuffums, dog detective, found the knife used to weaken the floss.  A knife authority was contacted but according to his wife, he had recently met with an untimely death.

Part Ten attempts to answer:  Who used the knife:

Photo of Athol’s Snuffums’ great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, also named Snuffums:


The town veterinarian was consulted:

The next day, he prepared to take a short vacation and had the foresight to protect Snuffums’ excrement:

ASIDE: The veterinarian’s disappearance aroused people’s suspicion, until he sent a postcard explaining he missed Would You Believe It, but liked Tahiti better.

Meanwhile, the knife Snuffums found disappeared, and a house-to-house search ensued: 

Due to the untimely death of the first knife authority contacted to help with the investigation, another knife authority was hired who at the last moment lost his life.

ASIDE:  Athol Safari Hair Stylist and Athol Man with Knife in His Head #2 were asked about their lives:

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