An Epidemic of Sweetness Sweeps Through Athol! Safari Chicken Lays Suspicious Eggs! Part Two

SUMMARY OF CHEERFULNESS EPIDEMIC DAY ONE:  Silkie, Athol Safari Chicken, is accused of laying mood-altering eggs.  Three people spoke of their breakfasts containing the chicken’s eggs cooked in different styles and washed down with  different alcoholic drinks.

On Day Three, Atholians remain fixated on Egg Testing, Cheerful People, and Speculation On the Cheerfulness Epidemic:

Physicans Performing Complicated Brain Surgery:

Lab Technicians who Discovered Common Sound Vibrations between SpongeBob Squarepants and Bubbling Tomato Sauce:

Athol Scientist #1:

Safari Animal Hair Stylist Comments on his invention, a Lie Detector for chickens: