An Epidemic of Sweetness Sweeps Through Athol! Safari Chicken Lays Suspicious Eggs!

Once again, Silkie, Athol Safari’s Chicken, is suspected of laying eggs containing mood-altering substances.  The following evidence points to Silkie’s Guilt.

Man with Bandaged Head has been unhappy since he was hit on the head by a Space Alien blender, until he ate eggs.

Athol’s Headless Man #2 has been unhappy since he lost his head, until he ate eggs.

Falmart Store Manager has been unhappy since moles destroyed his store, until he ate eggs.

Sheep Educationalist suggests reasons for Silkie’s eggs:

In the photo below, please note the arrow:

ASIDE ONE:  Grammy #211 comments on Fake News:


Found near Silkie’s coop.

Elsie What-When’s, founder of Elsie What-When Emotions Clinic, still bereaving the death of Summer her snail, comments on treatment for Cheerfulness Epidemic:

Grumpy Atholians:


To Be Continued:

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