The Overly Long and Potentially Boring Story of T. Rump – Part Seven


Part Six Summary:  Two pea photos won prizes in 2016 International Pea Festival.  In 1951, T. Rump, five, placed eleventh in Eating Peas with Knife Competition after stabbing a judge.  Meanwhile Rump’s Planet Earth parents received information through a goat’s horns about Rump’s Planet Goodness parents, saying they had gone through cosmetic changes to avoid being identified. The child’s counselor taught him to hit a ball with the stick he used on her. 

It’s the Year 1951:  Concerned about T. Rump’s display of malice, his parents enrolled him in Volunteer Projects for Kindergarteners:  The first assignment involved visiting elderly shut-ins.

The second assignment: Provide Canned Goods to the Hungry.  The  town grocer recalled:

photograph courtesy of Commons.wikipedia

The third assignment: Befriend an Animal.

Desperate, Rump’s parents decided to try the academic route:

Enhancement of photo taken of T. Rump’s parents reminiscing.


TRIVIA:  The triplet found in Queens, New York City, NY was named Con Clump and the triplet found in What The Heck, Idaho, was named Nod Pmurt.  Each triplet has “u,” “m,” and “p” in their surname.

 Athol Odds Expert and Athol Scientist #1 who discovered  irregularities in the molecular structure of popsicles,  gives odds of this happening. 

Mole Cricket

Editor’s Error: The triplets landed on Planet Earth in 1946, not 1949 as stated in Part One.

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