The Overly Long and Potentially Boring Story of T. Rump!

The following narration is wholly, TRULY, and REALLY based on fact.

In 1949, Planet Goodness situated in the galaxy of Snickers, a sister galaxy to Milky Way, created a highly advanced decluttering program.

Please note hair covering the planet.

Mistakes were rarely made with the decluttering system, such as discarding a precious book or a beloved Teddy Bear.


Nonetheless, through someone’s bad judgement, a young set of male Homo-Sapien-type triplets was sent hurtling through outer space to three areas of the United States of America situated on the North American Continent.  As luck would have it, the Homo-Sapien-type creatures from Planet Goodness landed safely without injury.

Enhancement of photo taken in 1949.


Enhancement of photo taken in 1949.
Enhancement of photo taken in 1949.

Thus begins our story of one of the Homo-Sapien-type triplets from Planet Goodness.




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