Friday Happenings in Athol, including An Apology, and Discount on Wigs!

The Daily Atholian apologizes to Mr. Jones-Smith for publishing his name as the witness who sighted Fickle Flynn riding Athol’s mascot, Giddyup.  Apparently, Jones-Smith had with good intentions lied to Mrs. Smith-Jones, stating he was working at his bug and insect  rehabilitation center rather than walking to Artist Ah’s studio during which time he happened to see Flynn.  

Mr. Jones-Smith, photographed in a rare moment of relaxation:


This is the second time Jones-Smith has with good intentions lied about going to Ah’s studio. The first time involved a report about rubbing an ailing wasp’s tummy.

Wasp suffering from tummy ache.

The Daily Atholian means no offense to Jones-Smith, but perhaps he should submit news items anonymously.

Athol’s Man in Tub:


mr-jones-smiths-sculptureBreaking News about Athol’s Mascot:

Arts and Entertainment at T. Rump’s Hair’s Dust Mite Village: 





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