Can I move to Athol?

We welcome new residents and look forward to your application for residency.  To ensure a proper fit with our community, we ask prospective residents to take a series of tests.  These tests avoid later disappointment.


What if my child wants to transfer from a school in Athol to a school in the U.S.A.?

No one has ever requested that.


When is tourist season?

Every year it is different.


Are cars allowed in Athol?

The use of motorized vehicles disturbs the peace and harmony of our town.  In order to accommodate those residents who love motorized vehicles, we allow limited hours for noisy motor usage.  Please refer to MVD for usage.


I live in California.  Where can I find The Monthly Athol?

You can subscribe to it by mail.


Who do I contact if I want to buy a house in Athol?

Prospective home buyers must apply for residency first.  Currently our original homes are not for sale.  We do, however, offer Falmart Homes.  Phone Booth Homes are in the process of being designed.    


How do I apply for residency in Athol?

You may apply for residency at the Residency Office, located at East Border Patrol.