MINUTES of Athol Town Council meeting held on August 2, 2015, at Athol Public Library.

Grammy #211 took minutes. Members present:


Grammy #211

Gramps #3924

Mrs. Smith

Sonny Cecil

Will Watt

Ms. Lessparts


Meeting began at 3:17 p.m.

MS. LESSPARTS lead the meeting for Melody Agogo who had to speak at a wheelbarrow conference.

ALL ATTENDING recited the T.I.S.H. pledge.

WILL WATT: Too many words in pledge. Spork, short speak.

SONNY CECIL: Spork, Nork!

MS. LESSPARTS: We need to move on. This is an emergency meeting.

WILL WATT: Emergency meeting.

SONNY CECIL: First we have to decide on codenames, as was approved in our last meeting.

GRAMPS #3924: When are we going to serve refreshments?

MS. LESSPARTS: Because of the short notice, we’ll have to forgo refreshments.

GRAMPS #3924: I was looking forward to bran muffins.

MRS. SMITH: I suggest we decide on a theme for codenames, something than relates to “Green” or “Terrorism.” Ice Cream rhymes with Green, doesn’t it?

MS. LESSPARTS: Excellent idea!

GRAMMY #211: Why do we need codenames?

SONNY CECIL: There are terrorists everywhere.

GRAMMY #211: What about recording the minutes?

SONNY CECIL: Don’t record our real names, only use our codenames.

GRAMMY #211: Then no one else in Athol will know who said what.

SONNY CECIL: Security is more important.

MS. LESSPARTS: We need to decide on an Election Day date and whether a U.S.A. citizen can run for mayor here in Athol.

MRS. SMITH: Why don’t we write our codenames down for Grammy #211?

ALL ATTENDING wrote down their codenames.

SCOOP OF DOOBIE: When should Election Day be held?

NILLA: Secret handshake, too? HaHa!

HOT ROCKY FUDGE: Not a bad idea.

SCOOP OF DOOBIE: Focus on Election Day!

SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMEL: It might depend on how many candidates there are.

FRUTTI TUTTI: This is exciting!

LUSCIOUS LICORICE: Did you hear about the ailing poet who started writing before breakfast? He went from bed to verse.


LUSCIOUS LICORICE; Wasn’t Frutti Tutti’s handyman supposed to bring the espresso machine?

SCOOP OF DOOBIE: We also need to look at the legality of a U.S.A. citizen running for office of mayor.

HOT ROCKY FUDGE: No one can be mayor unless they’re a TISH citizen. Terrorists abound.

NILLA: Say, “Must be citizen.”

HOT ROCKY FUDGE: Stop the Sporking, already!

SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMEL: I spoke with Keith M. Caged at East Border Patrol. He is going to publish the rules for becoming a citizen.

LUSCIOUS LICORICE: Did you hear about the underwear salesman who’d been debriefed?


 SCOOP OF DOOBIE: We haven’t decided on anything today.

HOT ROCKY FUGDE: I move that Will Watt stop Sporking during meetings.

WILL WATT: Move table discussion.

SCOOP OF DOOBIE: We’ve run out of time.

HOT ROCKY FUDGE: I move we table this discussion until next meeting.

NILLA: Table discussion.

MOTION approved.

HOT ROCKY FUDGE: I move we choose a secret handshake next meeting.

NILLA: Handshake next meeting.

MOTION approved.

SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMEL: I move we meet in two weeks and see how many people announce their candidacy.

MOTION approved.

SCOOP OF DOOBIE: I move that everyone read the rules of citizenship before the next meeting.

MOTION approved.

LUSCIOUS LICORICE: Did you know that people tend to tell worse puns as they get older?  That’s why we call them groan-ups.